Keeping the Rabble in Line

Banging on about representation: The would be media lens

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Keeping the Rabble in Line

A quick introduction then...

I am Chris and I will be posting on a semi regular basis. I'll probably bang on about the TV news, politics, academia and occasionally the travails of the England cricket team...maybe other stuff too.

The Foucault quote that begins my blogging life should read as my entire reason[s] for writing, blogging, teaching, talking and acting [out] my fantasies. At the risk of arrogance, it's why i am interested in 'stuff'. It frames all my academic writing and also serves as a riposte to those that consider Foucault just another pomo reactionary concerned only with the abstract. Phoooh to that. The less powerful - I am loathe to say powerless - should "speak back" to those that seek to disenfranchise. The "fair and balanced" media, having internalised the values of the elite, do not do the job assigned to them, or perhaps critical comment was never really part of the deal, it was just a clever confidence trick in which we invested hope.


...more later


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